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AngioChem receives the BIOMATCH Award during the 2008 BioMedex meeting


Montreal - AngioChem is proud to announce that it was recently presented with the BIOMATCH Award for best presentation during its annual participation at the 2008 BioMedex meeting.

BIOMATCH is a networking initiative between biotech firms, pharmaceutical companies and venture capital enterprises.  Selected companies are invited to make a 10-minute oral presentation followed by a question period. 

AngioChem’s participation was voted best presentation among seven other presenting biotechnology and life sciences companies.  Recipients of a BIOMATCH Award receive a membership to BIOQuébec, advertising space and an opportunity to be interviewed on Pharma Television (

“BIOMATCH was an excellent opportunity to present AngioChem’s recent preclinical and clinical progress, and especially to make the industry aware of the tremendous potential offered by our Angiopep technology platform.  As we participate in key industry events such as BioMedex, our message to the investment and pharmaceutical markets is being read loud and clear: we have the technology to cross a major stumbling block in the development of drugs targeting brain diseases”, said Betty Lawrence Executive director of Development. “We are very excited about what the future holds for AngioChem and we are honored to receive the BIOMATCH award for best presentation”.

About AngioChem // AngioChem is a Canadian clinical-stage biotechnology company dedicated to creating and developing new drugs to treat brain diseases. The Company leverages a breakthrough platform technology capable of physiologically transporting molecules across the Blood-Brain Barrier and is currently the leader in this field. AngioChem’s platform technology enables delivery of any drug or drug candidate to the brain.  Our approach creates patentable New Chemical Entities (NCE). We are currently validating our platform technology in humans with ANG1005 in two parallel phase 1/2 studies. In parallel, we are leveraging our technology by creating other NCEs with small molecules, peptides, monoclonal antibodies, siRNA, etc. to treat various brain diseases. A detailed description of AngioChem’s activities is available at