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Technology - Beyond the Blood-Brain Barrier

Angiochem’s proprietary technology is the proven platform behind a new class of highly innovative and effective pharmaceuticals that address unmet medical needs involving brain diseases and brain-related disorders. Angiochem's drugs are in development for a broad range of CNS-related disorders and are achieving clinically meaningful outcomes.

Based on proprietary sequences of amino acids, called Angiopeps, which are engineered to specifically target the LRP-1 receptor, the technology platform is highly versatile with applicability across a range of therapeutic areas.

The Challenge: Blood-Brain Barrier Keeps 95% of Drugs out of the Brain

Until now, the blood-brain barrier has been the rate-limiting factor for the development of effective pharmaceuticals to treat diseases of the brain and central nervous system. > More

The Solution: Binding Drug Compounds to the Body’s Own LRP-1 Receptor

Angiochem has developed a proprietary, proven, and highly versatile platform that uses the body’s own receptors, specifically LRP-1, as therapeutic gateways to the brain. > More

VIDEO > How It Works:
ANG1005 penetrates the blood-brain barrier
by targeting LRP-1.

Learn More About the Blood-Brain Barrier

Download publications that discuss the blood-brain barrier and the associated challenges of getting therapeutics to their targets.