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The LRP-1 Solution: Robust and Versatile

The blood-brain barrier (BBB) does a very good job of preventing most natural molecules and foreign substances from entering the brain via the BBB’s tight junctions of endothelial cells and P-glycoprotein (P-gp) activity.

Essential substances like insulin and growth hormones are able to successfully enter the brain using receptors in the BBB. One of the most important receptors involved in that transport process is lipoprotein receptor-related protein, or LRP-1. By engineering drugs that bind to the LRP-1 receptor, Angiochem has created therapeutics that are able to permeate the BBB while maintaining their activity and efficacy.

Binding Drug Compounds to the Body’s Own LRP-1 Receptor

Angiochem's proprietary, proven, and highly versatile technology platform uses the body’s own receptors, specifically
LRP-1, as therapeutic gateways to the brain.

Angiochem’s drugs bind to the LRP-1 receptor, and cross the BBB through LRP-1 receptor mediated transcytosis, which is the same natural process by which substances like insulin enter the brain.

View an animation that shows how Angiochem’s technology bind to the LRP-1 receptor at the surface of the brain and leverage the natural function of this receptor to cross the BBB and target brain diseases.

Proprietary Library of More Than 100 Peptide Structures

Angiochem has developed a proprietary library of more than 100 peptide structures ranging from 8 to 34 amino acids, which are used to develop novel drug candidates with a variety of therapeutic properties. Each drug consists of a proprietary sequence of amino acids, called Angiopeps, which are designed to bind to the LRP-1 receptor.

Why the LRP-1 Receptor is the Optimal Choice

  • LRP-1 is one of the most expressed receptors on the BBB, allowing greater amounts of drug to enter the brain.
  • LRP-1 is one of the largest and most versatile receptors on the BBB, allowing small and large drug molecules (> 40 natural ligands) to enter the brain.
  • Due to its fast transport and recycling time (~30 sec.) the LRP-1 receptor is difficult to saturate, which ensures the receptor cannot be permanently bound and may continue its natural function

Proven, Versatile, Proprietary Technology

The technology platform has been validated in more than 200 patients in four US clinical trials and in multiple preclinical studies. Strong efficacy and excellent safety have been demonstrated with no evidence of CNS toxicity or immunogenicity, even after repeat dosing up to 22 cycles.

Angiochem’s engineered drug compounds demonstrate the broad applicability of the technology in small molecules and biologics (peptides and proteins) to treat a wide range of brain diseases and brain-related disorders.
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